A new home for assistance dog Rio

At REACT Technologies, we are proud to sponsor a puppy through the Guide Dogs charity and our donations support the dog’s training and development on its journey towards becoming an assistance dog.

In recent months, we have been receiving ‘Pupdates’ from Rio, a beautiful dog who has worked hard to become socialised and learn the intricate commands required to become a Guide Dog.

Unfortunately, Rio had an unpredictable routine and will no longer be taking part in the training programme. But we were extremely happy to hear that he has settled into a new home in East Sussex as a pet dog.

We are sure Rio will be extremely happy with his new family and we wish him all the very best. We enjoyed watching a video of Rio in his new home – you can watch it on the Guide Dogs website here.

Our continued support of the Guide Dogs charity means our sponsorship now goes towards another dog, called Freddie.

Freddie has just completed his advanced training and has recently been homed with a new owner called Annette.

Annette and Freddie will continue to take part in training and bonding sessions over the next few months, and we’re looking forward to receiving the next ‘Pupdate’ from him!