A new home for Freddie

At REACT Technologies, we’ve been sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy called Freddie and we were thrilled to hear he has graduated from the training programme.

Freddie started his training as an eager little puppy that loved his toys and learning new things. Now, he is making himself at home with his new owner, Annette.

Annette is looking forward to getting out and about with so much more confidence, as Freddie will always be by her side. Annette said she is looking forward to getting the train to visit friends and family, and we’re pleased that our support of Freddie has enabled her to do so.

Now that Freddie has graduated from his training, we are now sponsoring a puppy called Freya.

Freya is a young puppy that is already showing early signs of becoming a great Guide Dog. We are really looking forward to hearing about how she is getting on.

For more information about the Guide Dogs sponsored puppy programme, visit the website: http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/