New bill requires Real Time Information Technology on all buses

Is your company prepared for the upcoming changes to the law surrounding accessibility technology on buses in the UK?

The Bus Services Bill is currently being passed through Parliament and once introduced it will have implications for public transport operators who will be required by law to improve passenger information and services by installing audio and visual Real Time Information technology on all new buses.

At REACT Technologies, we are proud to deliver a streamlined service that more than accommodates the requirements of The Bus Services Bill.

Our experienced teams can design, deliver, install and maintain the on-bus media systems, as well as the data-driven content that ensures the messages are delivered in the right place at the right time. This unique combination of products and services gives you the opportunity to work with just one supplier, streamlining the process and providing specialist support throughout the process.

What is the Bus Services Bill?

The Government is currently working on the new bill in partnership with various stakeholders and the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee and intends to improve access to public transport, cut congestion and help deliver economic growth across the country.

Part of the bill states bus operators will be required to provide audio and visual accessibility displays on every new fleet, essentially creating ‘talking buses’ that support passengers to make more independent journeys.

This is accompanied by data-driven content that recognises the status of the bus and displays relevant messages including whether the service is running late and when it is approaching the next stop.

These exciting changes could encourage growth across the bus services sector if significant improvements to accessibility are delivered and the development of accompanying apps and software could create an additional five million journeys each year.

What accessibility technology is required?

This type of accessibility technology will become mandatory on all new buses, and operators will be expected to provide information about:

• The name or designation of the service
• The direction of travel
• Planned stopping places
• Diversions currently in place
• Connections to other local services

Accessibility technology from React

The experienced teams at REACT Technologies can support you during this time of change, ensuring you comply with the new laws in a way that is not only efficient, but also cost-effective.

We can help identify the best products and services for your needs, and our accessibility technology supplies more than the information required by The Bus Services Bill, including whether the service is late, that it is approaching a stop or nearby railway station and information about any diversions that are in place.

What’s more, if you choose to equip your fleet with our imedia product, we can offer the supporting data service completely free of charge to make the process as simple as possible for you and your passengers.

More information on the requirements in line with The Bus Services Bill can be found on the Government website here.

For more information on what The Bus Services Bill means for your company, or support to install the required accessibility technology on your new fleet, please call our knowledgeable team on 01457 861 431.