Exciting developments at REACT Technologies

It has been an exciting 12 months for everyone at REACT Technologies, as we’ve accelerated the development of our newest product thanks to excellent financial results at the end of our first year.

This fantastic achievement has given us the resources to invest in our products and support an even bigger number of people to live more independently. In particular, we intend to continue pushing the boundaries with The React System. This Bluetooth trigger board and fob system that supports people with increased accessibility needs by delivering audio announcements and communicating with buses and traffic lights, making the user more independent when they are out and about.

Russell Gard, Managing Director at REACT Technologies, said: “It is always nerve wracking to start a new company, but our first-year results prove the decision was right. The trading figures are extremely pleasing and have allowed us to push on with developing The Bluetooth React System and improve the services around the original React System, which uses hand-held fobs to trigger audio announcements on public transport.

“The React System is also compatible with smart devices, which completely opens the benefits up to all and at the same time, reduces the overhead and capital costs to authorities while benefiting the user no end.”

The new system will be trialled by several local authorities including in Reading and Poole over the next couple of months. If you would like a demonstration, please contact Charlotte Hind, Sales Administrator at REACT Technologies, on 01457 861 431.