REACT Technologies Products

At REACT Technologies, we develop specialist accessibility products that make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

Our extensive range of talking signs, Real Time Information signs and associated components and apps are created to support people with a range of accessibility needs.

More information about each of the products available from REACT Technologies is outlined below.

The React System

The React System is our flagship accessibility technology. The award-winning ‘talking sign’ system uses Bluetooth or a fob to prompt transport signs to announce their location and give service information to allow passengers with increased accessibility needs to be more independent when travelling.

React Interactive

React Interactive is an open data service that further enhances the functionality of The React System by connecting it with other city systems and public transport networks. Users can select journey planning and companion apps, and influence the environment around them in real time through a back office service.

React Interactive Total Care

React Interactive Total Care is a service that further enhances the functionality of React Interactive by introducing two-way communication from a control centre and a companion smart device app to actively help an even wider range of users. It also includes guidance on parts of a journey not covered by public transport.


imedia is a Real Time Information (RTI) display Content Management System (CMS) that shares important information with passengers at the stop and on vehicles to enable and enrich independent journeys.


iTalk is an innovative digital voice address system that creates talking signs and talking buses, trains and trams to support people living with increased accessibility needs.

React Wayfinder

React Wayfinder is an innovative beacon that improves accessibility for all by announcing pre recorded and dynamic audio messages (where purchased), in locations such as health centres, hospitals, outside shops or within supermarkets and shopping centres.

RNIB React Enabled   RNIB - Supporting blind and partially sighted people