React Interactive Total Care

React Interactive Total Care is a service that further enhances the functionality of React Interactive by introducing two-way communication from a control centre and a companion smart device app to actively help an even wider range of users.

React Interactive Total Care also includes guidance on parts of a journey not covered by public transport.

React Interactive Total Care

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Why React Interactive Total Care?

React Interactive Total Care is delivered using the latest cloud-based database technology and users can be either supported by you, or our dedicated manned control centre.
React Interactive Total Care provides users with:
  • End-to-end journey planning and support with a companion and monitoring service
  • Two-way communication if the they deviate from the pre-determined route, provided by our interactive manned control centre
  • Interactivity with their environment, for example alerting bus drivers discreetly to the user’s needs
And provides you with:
  • Significant cost savings in your social care and transport budgets
  • Compatibility with The React System and existing trigger boards
  • Local authority transport optimisation reports including CT, ring and ride, contracted taxis, school buses and schedule buses
  • Increased access to intelligence and advice about your passengers and the operation of your public transport network

How it works

React Interactive Total Care can use trigger boards like the established React System, but also incorporates two-way communication and companion smart device app technology so users can plan ahead and be walked through their journey in real time. Its key addition is a web based system that a manned control centre uses to monitor and assist people on their journeys.

Using the React Interactive Total Care service

React Interactive Total Care uses a companion smart device app, which allows users or their carers to:
  • Plan and save journeys
  • Be ‘walked through’ their journey in real time
And a web based control system that:
  • Allows remote monitoring of the journey with interception and support from our manned assistance service should the user deviate from the route
  • Allows the controller to set up and save a ‘needs profile’ to ensure information is presented in ways that are accessible to that particular user, for example to accommodate partially-sighted people or people with Autism
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