The React System

The React System is our flagship accessibility technology. The award-winning ‘talking sign’ system uses Bluetooth or a fob system to prompt transport signs to announce their location and give information to allow passengers with increased accessibility needs to be more independent when travelling.

This trigger and fob technology can be fitted in all makes of Real Time Passenger Information signs installed in public transport situations. Most current display types are ‘React Ready’, so we can supply components for your existing system, or install a complete display if required.

When in the vicinity of these signs, a fob or smart device, with the relevant app installed, activates Real Time Information messages that helps the user determine where they are and when their bus or tram will arrive.

REACT Technologies is the only European licensed supplier and manufacturer of these accessibility products, and we are committed to developing and improving them to meet the needs of people with all sensory and cognitive impairments.

The React System

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How it works

The React System comprises a triggering fob or app on a device carried by a user and trigger boards fitted into Real Time Information signs at bus stops and train or tram stations.

As an equipped user approaches, the display automatically receives a signal that prompts it to announce its location, creating a talking sign. Transport signs can then be prompted to announce when the next few buses or trams are coming at the press of a button.

Using the React System fob

The ‘talking sign’ part of The React System can be triggered using a fob, which can be easily and discreetly carried by hand or in a pocket or bag. It is ideal for people who do not wish to carry a smart device on their journey.

Simple to switch on and off, the fobs have just two control buttons, left and right. Pressing the left button provides more audio information on the immediate surroundings, pressing the right button provides public transport information, such as bus or train arrival times.

Using the React System App

Users can also trigger the Real Time Information signs from The React System by downloading a simple app onto their smart device.

Their device works in a similar way to the fob, triggering messages about their location, as well as the arrival and departure times of nearby buses or trains.

Installing the React System App means users do not need to carry a separate fob, if they do not wish to do so.

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