React Wayfinder

React Wayfinder is an innovative technology beacon that improves accessibility for all by announcing pre recorded and dynamic audio messages (where purchased), in locations such as health centres, hospitals, outside shops or within supermarkets and shopping centres.

The wayfinders connect with The React System fobs and React Trigger app to trigger audio announcements that allow people with increased accessibility, cognitive or sensory needs to become more independent when out and about. They can include many ways of triggering announcements, in addition to smart devices and fobs, like push buttons and ITSO smart card readers.

React Wayfinder

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How it works

There are various types of React Wayfinder solutions and our experienced team can help you identify the product that best suits the requirements of your customers.

React Announce

React Announce is a permanent wayfinder box that stores permanent audio messages that do not need to be updated in the future. Users can hear proximity information followed by any additional message you require.
  • Ideal for sharing shop opening times, safety announcements or proximity data
  • Used on ATMs, shop fronts, within shopping centres or department stores or transport signs at unmanned public transport stations such as village bus stops or train stations

React Track

The tracking beacon within React Track connects React Wayfinder to the internet, allowing the update of messages and extraction of data from the device.
  • Plays primary (proximity) messages and a secondary message that can be updated as required
  • Content can be updated online
  • Offers data reporting to the React Server

React Realtime

The online Real Time Information beacon within React Realtime is tailored to your needs in the public transport sector and shares passenger information at small, out of town bus stops.
  • Accepts a data feed, so can be used to share real time information such as departure times and changes to planned timetables
  • Ideal for bus stops or train stations without a digital display

User Defined Beacon

User Define Beacon is a licensed API that allows third parties to interact with the functionality of React Wayfinder, to improve the information distributed to users.
  • Ideal for large public venues such as shopping centres, airports or department stores
  • Offers a listening service for relevant announcements
  • Incorporates a push service for proximity detection
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