Services we offer


infotainment is a Real Time Information (RTI) display service that shares important real time journey and added value information with passengers, and adds revenue generation opportunities to public transport operators.

Location-specific and time-driven information is delivered to passengers at the moment it is needed, helping to make journeys easier and more accessible.

Passengers can take advantage of:
  • Current stop, next stop and route information
  • Service information
  • Viewing photographs, graphics, video clips, RSS feeds and other content
  • Advertising that is relevant to their requirements
  • Public transport operators benefit from:
  • Targeted messaging based on customer’s regular routes
  • Reduced costs when compared with paper advertising and leaflets
  • Revenue generation through the sale of advertising slots
  • A captive audience ready to receive marketing messages

Installation and Design

Our experienced hardware design and installation teams support you every step of the way from the detailed assessment and design of upgrades to legacy equipment, to the supply and installation of new equipment and systems. We understand the data protocols used, (including Siri) and are perfectly happy to work with your RTI system and display suppliers.

This provision can include all beacons and displays and projects of any size.

React Fob Management

We understand that time is a valuable resource, so our comprehensive fob management service frees up resources within your teams and gives users a streamlined service they can rely on.

Our experienced team work as a strategic partner to councils and organisations to improve the lives of people with specialist accessibility needs by offering a complete RNIB React Enabled fob management service, which includes:

  • Issuing fobs to users
  • Managing replacements
  • Maintaining your database
  • Controlling your payments

The React fob management service does not include the cost of repairs or replacement batteries, but all outward postage costs from REACT Technologies is included.

Advice & Consultancy

The experienced team at REACT Technologies is knowledgeable about the systems, data and processes that support people with sensory and cognitive impairments to make more independent journeys.

We are active members of national standards bodies including RTIG and Intelligent Transport Systems – United Kingdom (ITS UK), and have working relationships with many other representative bodies
We offer impartial and focused advice on all aspects of accessibility, and can advise on strategic, tactical and technological matters from top-level strategic direction to the detail of installation design and planning.